My approach to creating policy and building community comes from my lived experiences as a fourth-generation San Franciscan. The work I’ve accomplished as the CEO of Mission Bit and Commissioner on the Board of Education are reflective of District 5 resident priorities. My values are rooted in collaboration, equity, and problem solving with an overarching focus on how we will create a better future for District 5 and the city. 

Affordable Housing & Home Ownership:

As Supervisor, I will introduce a bold vision for building affordable housing and expanding lending programs that lead to home ownership. My vision is to explore how to convert every vacant lot, parking structure, and underutilized buildings to create housing that is supported by the community. Here are some of my guiding principles when it comes to housing:


  • Protecting tenants and rent-controlled residents

  • 100% affordable housing on public land

  • Creating lending programs for public sector workers and long term residents

  • Righting the wrongs of urban renewal that displaced black residents 




I have seen members of my family and friends grapple with many of the issues at the root causes of homelessness. We claim to be a compassionate and progressive city, but the overwhelming level of human suffering on our streets is completely unacceptable. As Supervisor, I will work to end our homeless crisis by the year 2028.


  • Create a first responder unit of trained social workers to support our unhoused neighbors 

  • Expand access to restrooms and showers to give people the dignity they deserve

  • Partner with recovery groups and faith-based organizations to develop short-term housing options


Economic Renaissance:


Historically, the Fillmore and Japantown were thriving merchant corridors with many minority-owned businesses. In the 1950s, the City introduced redevelopment policies that completely uprooted and devastated these communities and San Francisco has never atoned for these injustices. As Supervisor, I will work with the community to revitalize our merchant corridors and recruit minority-owned businesses from across the country to operate in San Francisco. Through partnerships with neighborhood groups, city agencies, and small business owners, I will create tax incentives with the goal of spurring small businesses that are aligned with the needs of the community. 


Criminal Justice Reform:


I was raised in a community that has historically been over-policed. I know many families that continue to struggle from the policies that led to mass-incarceration. Also, I know firsthand what it’s like to feel unsafe in your own neighborhood and not be able to go to the police due to a lack of trust. As a Commissioner on the Board of Education, I learned how to collaborate with law enforcement to keep our kids safe, but I have never backed down from a strong desire to hold law-enforcement accountable.




One of the main reasons I decided to run for Supervisor was to do more for our public school families. Much of our research about student achievement clearly indicates that academic success is based on non-school factors such as family income and the educational attainment of the parent. As Supervisor, I will partner closely with our school district to expand the wrap-around supports for parents that help stabilize the home. I will work with our district schools to help raise money for critical programs and ensure we expand the city set allocation in the district’s budget so that more resources serve to recruit a dynamic and diverse team of educators. 


Transit & Traffic:


Many of us have experienced the rising traffic congestion along Oak, Page, Fell, Gough and Divisadero. My father drives for MUNI and goes on a route through District 5 much of the week. He sees firsthand many of the opportunities we have as a city to increase safety for our drivers, transit riders, and to make MUNI a viable option for working families. We need a MUNI that is safe, reliable and accessible. Here are some of my priorities for parking and transit:


  • Congestion pricing on ride-share services 

  • Ensuring increasingly expensive parking tickets aren’t adversely affecting working families 

  • Traffic lights on high-traffic intersections like Laguna & Hayes 

  • Expand free MUNI for youth and ensure no fare evasion tickets are given to young adults under 25

  • Expansion of the Community Ambassadors program to support safe ridership


Please return to my priorities page soon, as I will be adding content regarding the following.


  • Women in Leadership 

  • Environmental Justice

  • Expansions of Janitorial Services

  • Universal Basic Income

  • LGBTQ Youth

  • Little Eritrea on Fillmore

  • Protecting Hayes Valley Plaza

  • Inner Sunset

  • Cole Valley

  • Affordability Forgiveness